Marable Mortgage Assistance Foundation Inc. mission is to assist Georgia residents who are unable to pay and/or delinquent on their mortgage payment do to unforeseen circumstances.  An unforeseen circumstance such as primary caregiver is deceased or seriously ill, downsizing of job(s), disability retirement, or elderly.

Marable Mortgage Assistance Foundation, Inc. envisions reduction rates in preventable foreclosures and help Georgia residents keep their homes and remain self-sufficient.

Marable Mortgage Assistance Foundation, Inc. purpose is to give hope to people during these difficult times in their lives and to bring about a positive change and a peace of mind for Georgia residents.

MMAF, Inc. serves the counties of Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, DeKalb, and their surrounding areas. 

· Primary Caretaker has recently deceased
· Primary Caretaker has had a decrease in income due to downsizing, layoff,
disability retirement
· Primary Caretaker has been diagnosed with a disability or terminally ill

· Diagnosed with a Disability
· Loss of employment -Decrease in income

MMAF, Inc. is not targeting homeowners that are able to maintain their mortgage payments and/or have not fallen behind on payments due to unforeseen circumstances as defined MMAF, Inc. qualifications.   MMAF, Inc. believes that they have the resources to make reasonable arrangements to ensure security of their home and avoid foreclosure.

As funds are available, qualified participants of MMAF, Inc. are allotted grants per household up to $1500 per year to pay on their delinquent mortgage payment. The participant must agree to attend and successfully complete all necessary classes/workshops that will ultimately benefit the family and help the family to make monthly mortgage payments. The classes/workshops are FREE. The grant is paid directly to the Mortgage Company/Lender to assist the homeowner with avoiding foreclosure.  The grant is contingent upon funds available and will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and Executive Director.  

MMAF, Inc. wants to make sure that we are providing useful and excellent help to the communities that we serve.  Therefore, we work with one to five households per month to provide the high quality of service that you deserve.

Our services will provide FREE educational classes such as:

  • Budgeting classes
  • Job training/job search

Marable Mortgage Assistance Foundation, Inc. has partnered with local Libraries and Community organizations to host informational seminars, workshops, classes and meetings for the participants of MMAF, Inc.

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